January’s Spotlight: Coalition for the Homeless’s Host Home Project

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This month your donation will provide compassionate, stable, temporary housing to homeless young adults. This pilot program is specific to a need in Louisville that we are coming together to address. More than 800 people under age 24 (who are unaccompanied by an adult) experience homelessness in our city each year.

Think back on when you were juggling your first job, your first rent payment and all the things that come with those new responsibilities. It’s not an easy time for anybody, but what if you never had anyone advocate for your best choices? Or you’re finally able to leave a situation of domestic abuse, but have nothing to start with? Or you leave the foster system because you’re 18 and independent, but "you don't have enough experience for an entry level position"?

This group of young adults who find themselves homeless are often forgotten, slipping through the cracks of the system. And we are trying to do something about it. The Coalition is partnering with Home of the Innocents to launch this innovative program to help end youth homelessness in Louisville.

“We vow to end youth homelessness by 2020. We know that is a tall order, and it will take all of us to make this bold vision a reality. That’s why the Host Homes project is so important!” says Melissa Kratzer with the Coalition for the Homeless.

Host Homes gives ordinary people like you and me a chance to step up and make an extraordinary difference in the life of a young person. Instead of sleeping on the streets, in emergency shelter, on yet another friend’s couch, in their car – or worse yet, being trafficked or engaging in survival sex – young people will have a stable home base with a caring local family or individual. With support for both the host and the young person, these temporary homes with the combination of mentorship can be the difference between homelessness and a successful integration into adulthood.

Instead of worrying where they will sleep, what they will eat, how they’ll keep warm during the day, and where they’ll keep their stuff, they can concentrate on gaining work experience, financial aid, or developing technical skills.

They can begin to work on their long-term goals – re-building relationships with family, college, raising their children, maintaining a steady job. In addition to having a professional case manager to help them get into permanent housing, they will have a stable adult to support them, encourage them, and look them in the eye and tell them how awesome they are.

We think this project is pretty amazing, and *you* can help make it a success by making a donation. (That’s how this stuff works!)

Or you can be a superhero and learn more about being a volunteer host home by contacting Melissa Kratzer at mkratzer@louhomeless.org or 502-636-9550 ext. 213.

Yeah! Let’s take care of each other!