September Spotlight: Peace Ed

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For 35 years the Peace Education Program has strengthened communities and schools by training youth and adults to build and sustain positive relationships. 

"We do this by providing learning experiences to reduce violence, enhance personal integrity and foster mutual respect. In particular we teach conflict resolution, peer mediation and prejudice reduction. Our vision is to create, with our partners, a Metro Louisville where every young person has the skills, safety and support to solve their conflicts nonviolently."

Peace Ed’s programs serve youth from pre-school to early adulthood. Utilizing their strong relationships with area community centers, schools, and governmental agencies, they reach a wide scope of young people with a focus on disadvantaged and at risk youth. They explore the building blocks of conflict resolution: affirmation, cooperation and communication through cooperative games, hands-on experience, group processes, role playing and other skill-building activities.  By providing this much needed level of support we give youth who live in a world rife with conflict more than a fighting chance.

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