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Surgery on Sunday

Your donation will help ensure that everyone can receive quality surgical care - regardless of their ability to pay. The Louisville Chapter of SoS provides free endoscopic and outpatient surgical procedures to individuals who are within 250% of the federal poverty limit and are uninsured or have healthcare and medical expenses that exceed 10% of their annual household income. The organization is small but mighty, and provides hope for families who need help with crucial medical needs.

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UP for women and children.png

UP Women's Day Shelter

Your donation will help provide basic needs – like showers and clean laundry – for homeless women and children in Louisville. The only shelter of its kind in Louisville, UP first provides basic needs, then introduces the unique resources women need to reclaim their lives. From access to a phone and a mailing address, to connections to housing, employment, and financial benefits, UP provides the hope and support that help women and children regain stability and self-sufficiency.

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Ky Equal Justice Center.png

Kentucky Equal Justice Center

Your donation will help promote equal justice for all residents of the Commonwealth. KEJC is a nonprofit poverty law advocacy center that serves as an advocate for low income and other vulnerable members of society on issues like worker’s rights, immigration law, and access to justice by removing poverty-related barriers. KEJC also serves as a watchdog and advocates for health and consumer law related cases.

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Exploited Children's Help Organization (ECHO)

Your donation will help provide education, advocacy and support services to the children and families of Metro Louisville and surrounding areas. ECHO, a volunteer-based organization, provides both body and internet safety presentations for K-12. These presentations allow youths an opportunity to learn about child abuse, how to feel safe, and to disclose any information regarding abuse they may be experiencing or witnessing.

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Louisville Books to Prisoners.png

Louisville Books to Prisoners

Your donation will help LBTP send free books directly to incarcerated people in Kentucky and Virginia. This simple act provides resources to the imprisoned and those impacted by their incarceration, while raising awareness about the prison-industrial complex. LBTP is currently an authorized shipper for nine facilities; seven prisons in Kentucky and two in Virginia.

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2NOT1: Fatherhood and Families

Your donation will help 2NOT1 provide activities and trainings that keep fathers fully involved in parenting. By working closely with fathers, 2NOT1 identifies and assists fathers in removing barriers that prevent them from being engaged with their children. 2NOT1 works to build strong family units by educating fathers and families on the resources available to assist them with effective parenting and strengthening their family structure.

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City Schoolhouse.png

City Schoolhouse

Your donation will help provide excellent, excellent, close-to-home, affordable education to children and families in the Portland neighborhood. City Schoolhouse provides small class sizes and individualized education along with well-rounded training that includes life skills often not offered at home. Its goal is to strengthen children and families by empowering them through active and individualized education, fostering a love of learning, and renewing their community through its people.

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Collective Care Center.png

The Collective Care Center

Your donation will help CCC treat everything from racial trauma, to PTSD, to anxiety, depression, and other mental health-related issues. As a racial and intersectional trauma center, CCC serves people who have experienced or been affected by community violence, police brutality, micro-aggressions, and other forms of institutional racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, and xenophobia. 

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Sarabande Writing Labs.png

Sarabande Writing Labs

Your donation will help provide free writing workshops in detention centers, homeless shelters, transitional living facilities, and community centers. Taught by artists and teachers from within their community, participants create original poems, essays, stories, and more in a supportive environment. SWL publishes over 30 new writers each year. Additionally, writers have shared their work at literary events and via local radio and print media.

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STEAM Exchange.png

STEAM Exchange

Your donation will help provide free after-school and summer programming to youth who live in the Smoketown neighborhood. Steam Exchange uses the arts as a platform for young people to engage with concepts in STEM in innovative ways. To date, Steam Exchange has provided over 1,000 hours of workshops/classes in printmaking, bookbinding, sculpture, mosaic, drawing, papermaking, mural painting, computer programming and app development, as well as four years of summer camp.

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Molo Village.png

Molo Village

Your donation will help Molo Village conduct 4 multifaceted seven-week programs for incarcerated men who are preparing for reentry in the Russell Community. This multi-layered and holistic approach to assisting the newly released includes mental health, employment and housing referrals as well as education on credit and wealth building. Named for a Xhousa, South African word for “welcome,” Molo aims engage residents of west Louisville’s historic and rapidly evolving Russell neighborhood in holistic approaches to community development that will improve the quality of their lives.

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ChooseWell Communities

Your donation will help continue the work of the iChooseWell program, the region’s only integrative healthy lifestyles program designed specifically for pregnant/post-partum mothers in addiction recovery. Nearly 1,000 pregnant women in Louisville were treated for substance misuse in 2017, and area hospitals deliver more than 700 newborns each year in Louisville with neonatal abstinence syndrome. At the end of iChooseWell’s first year, 100% of active Program Participants maintained their sobriety.

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